10 Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Loving Kindness Meditation Backed by Research And Scientist

This article will show how Loving Kindness Meditation can be very helpful and benefits according to Research and Scientists. Moreover the article will guide you through the practice of Loving Kindness Meditation. How it can be useful for kids and for ourselves. Finally we will take a look how it is viewed in Buddhism. What […]

Here’s The Secret On How To Meditate Like A Buddhist

how to meditate like a Buddhist.

Imagine finding inner peace and true bliss, just like a Buddhist, with only a couple of minutes of meditation.This article provides you with the knowledge that you need to know how to meditate like a Buddhist. Buddha explained various forms of meditation, each intended to conquer a specific problem or to help someone evolve into […]

Looking For Some Other Way To Cure Depression, Try Meditation!

Can Meditation Cure Depression

In this article we will take a look about one of the popular question that people usually asked ” Can Meditation Cure Depression?”. Moreover we will have a look around the general statistics of Depression. You will also learn the benefits of meditation in curing depression and finally the different techniques that you can used […]

What are the Different Types Of Meditation Psychology

The idea of meditation is vast. It is so broad that it is like using the word “flower” to describe every type of blossom in the world. There are various types of meditation and multiple ways of practicing this mind and soul revitalizing technique. Let’s begin with an overview of the three most fundamental meditation […]

The Ultimate Guide to Crown Chakra Meditation

Balancing your seven chakras could be of amazing benefit to your body’s mental and physical health. The first three basic chakras are for survival and the four last chakras are related to higher cognitive states. Those chakras are aligned with every part of our life. This means that if they are in balance, other parts […]

The Complete Guide To The Throat Chakra Meaning

Once you have a balance on the lower chakra it is really easy to have a clear and beautiful throat chakra. This is because you are grounded, present, you are empowered in your solar plexus, your heart is open and able to give and receive love. Since you know your self-worth, you are centered of […]

How to open the heart chakra in a minute and heal this energy center.

By now, you should be able to work on your first three chakras.  It is important that you work on the first three lowermost chakras because they are so essential for an individual. They are said to be the chakras of survival (if no, I invited to take a look on the following article and […]

The Complete Guide To Chakras For Beginners

In this article you will find out about the theory behind what are chakras for beginners, the function of chakras, the meaning of the seven chakras (their location and color), balancing and visualizing the chakras and so on. Some think that chakras for beginners can be hard to understand. Therefore, all of the information in […]